Be Global Safety joined Techstars Industries of the Future Accelerator

We are happy to announce Be Global Safety is joining  Techstars Industries of the Future Accelerator. During next 3 months we will focus on developing our start-up even faster than before with support from mentors, corporate partners, investors, and alumni. With an acceptance rate of less than 1%, we are proud to join the ranks of some of the most innovative companies in the world to have participated and partnered with Techstars.

Techstars Industries of the Future Accelerator is “committed to supporting and advancing world-class startups focused on emerging technologies across industries including artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, quantum information science, 5G/advanced wireless technology, biotechnology, and clean energy technology.”

Be Global Safety developed an AI powered manufacturing safety software to report and detect safety incidents and near-misses in real time. BGS connects with existing infrastructure like cameras and sensors in facilities, and using the AI engine, makes workplaces smarter and safer. The collected safety data insights is then used for preventing future incidents and accidents.

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