Be Global Safety selected in TechStars Industry of the Future Accelerator

We are happy to announce that we have been selected in Techstars Industry of the Future Accelerator to support and advance world-class startups focused on emerging technologies across industries. 

The internationally acclaimed startup accelerator, Techstars, announced its first Techstars Industries of the Future class featuring Be Global Safety in the company of other startups building breakthrough technologies that will change the world. 

The Industries of the Future Accelerator will run in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the University of Tennessee System. Through the collaboration of these organizations, Techstars aims to motivate the development of deep tech innovation in East Tennessee with support from its partners.

At Be Global Safety, our commitment to empowering a safer workforce drives the innovation of AI-powered software to detect and prevent workplace safety incidents and near-misses in real-time. And we are glad Techstars recognizes our efforts to digitize safety in workplaces

“Every industry is on the verge of automation because of the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. And with automation comes significant changes in the workforce and the factory floor, said Tricia Martinez, Managing Director of the Techstars Industries of the Future Accelerator. “Be Global Safety is at the forefront of this change, enabling the industry to stay relevant and, most importantly, put their worker’s safety first”. 

The inaugural class of the Techstars Industries of the Future Accelerator will operate over a three-month period beginning Feb. 21 and conclude with a demo day at the end of the program on May 26.

“This Techstars program and the partners will provide BGS with an invaluable platform to advance safety technology and help in commercializing the technology for wider use across manufacturing, construction and many other industries”, Aleksandra Duk; Co-founder and CMO, Be Global Safety. 

In that time, we hope to learn and collaborate with partners and subject-matter experts to continue delivering impactful technology that will advance safety technology as part of the Industries of the Future Program.

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