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Agency built on experience, backed by data and leading with transparency. Welcome to an agency that actually understands the ends and outs of healthcare.



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Let’s finally make the leap towards an incident free workplace

ARVIST™ by Be Global Safety is built from real world experience, expertise and with the mission of making this world a safer place using latest in technology

we walked in your shoes

Be Global Safety was Founded in 2020 with a vision for a better future

Be Global Safety was born not from a sudden spark of a genius idea, it was born from years of experience. The founders Nilay and Werner worked in manufacturing and packaging industries and saw that across the world, safety was still inefficient and manual. It was unfathomable to them that in the 21st century, in the year 2022 – we were still seeing deaths and serious accidents in workplaces. And with the mission of an incident free workplace in mind, Be Global Safety was born.

Human Life is Priceless

unique team

safety professionals

We employ safety professionals to advise and ensure that bgs software meets hse professionals' needs.

facility managers

To make sure bgs software has all the features any facility coordinator might need to increase workplace safety.

user experience specialists

To create easy and user-friendly dashboard, with clean design and responsive analytics.

Meet The Team

Nilay Parikh

Founder and CEO

Nilay Parikh,  founder of Be Global Safety brings his experience of visiting close to 60 difference logistics and manufacturing facilities in addition to working at various multinational companies in product and project management capabilities

Bharath Kumar Karanam

Chief Technology Officer

Bharath brings deep-tech expertise to the team with over 14 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Software Architecture. Having worked with various startups previously he brings the experience of building scalable software solutions to Be Global Safety.

Werner Stapela

Co – Founder and Senior Advisor

Werner brings extensive operational experience of 40+ years as a general manager of companies and groups of companies, primarily in the B2B and with a dominance in packaging and additive manufacturing/3D printing.

Our Guiding Principles


Your team, work, time colleagues and everyone around Be a nice person. Be a reflection of what you’d like to receive.


Let ethics and integrity drive our work and our company vision. It about doing the right thing regardless of who is watching or not.


Be committed to the success of our customers, our team, our company and yourself! Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a teamwork, a company work and a civilization work

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important things you should know

Questions And Answers

BGS software can be installed anywhere in the world remotely with just a few clicks. Reach out to us and we will guide you in the process.

Be global safety provides customers with edge devices to ensure 100% data security. There is also possibility to store data in the customers’ cloud. 

Sure! We have an option to export data to .csv file and you can add it to your own dashboard in other tool.

You can expect to get much deeper insight into your facility safety, how often, what kind and where any near-misses or incidents happen. Additionally, with BGS you can save time and eliminate floor audits. 

Before any compliance and incompliance is detected BGS blur all faces to respect privacy of your workers. 

Of course! BGS software is build on API which means it can be easily integrated with other software such as IMS. There is also option to pull out the data in .csv and add it to your own dashboard (e.g. in PowerBI).

Our solution is scalable and modular, which means it fits any industry from manufacturing, packaging or logistics to commerce, hospitals or airports. 

Our team is spread globally, so feel free to reach out to us at any time and any day.